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I think it was well over a month ago that I began to map out my Rosey blogging content, trying to get my posting direction down. Shamefully, I haven’t really gotten round to doing much about it. My mind has been elsewhere in recent weeks and time doesn’t seem to be slowing down any which, is turning into a right pain in the bum. We are half way through February, when did that happen!

I have a pile of dishes in the sink, a calendar stuck on January and a back up of photo’s on my flash drive crying out for a blog post so let’s get going with my first ‘Local Review’ post.

Recently I lunched at the wonderful Tacofino food truck. Which as you can imagine, is known best for their Mexican fair and if you can take anything from my descriptive wording already – The tacos are great!


The food truck craze has been pretty strong this past year in Victoria, With new trucks popping up every few months and by-laws becoming more laxed for vendors. They do add a great vibrancy to the city, as well as many affordable & convenient dining options for us locals.

A few weeks ago myself & good friend Kate went in search of a food truck lunch. I had been keeping an eye on the Tacofino Facebook, for their closest pit stop and was happy to learn that they where set up at the Save on Foods Arena on this particular afternoon. Just a few blocks from work, we were happy to hop along and try out these baja style taco’s we had heard so much about.

The Tacofino food truck first began serving taco’s near the beaches of Tofino almost 5 years ago. Now with 3 bright & bold food trucks in operation and a bricks & mortar restaurant in downtown Vancouver. This locally owned and operated taco haven, offer’s a cheeky take on classic Mexican dishes. With a strong following and great reviews, I’m sure we’ll be spotting the orange taco trucks for years to come.


We picked a couple of taco’s off the above menu. Mine a chicken and a yam tempura. The taco’s came packed with fresh ingredients and a super tasty chipotle mayo. Although I’ve had my fair share of chicken taco’s, the yam tempura taco was a brand new concept for me. Usually associated with Japanese cuisine, I was intrigued to how this would play out. The tempura batter was perfectly crispy and the sweet tasting yam was a great match for the chipotle mayo and hoards of hot sauce I threw up on there. Move over pulled pork, there is a new super taco on my list! They also used shredded cabbage for the taco filling instead of the usual lettuce which I thought was a great idea. It gave the taco a little extra crunch and as we all (hopefully) know, there is nothing worse than a soft, soggy taco.

// Kate ready to get stuck into her taco’s//


I never noticed the ‘Chocolate Diablo Cookie’ lurking at the bottom of their menu until now, so I guess I will have to be making another lunch trip soon. . .

Fudgey, chocolate cookie with fresh ginger & chili, milk chocolate chunks & salty sprinkles

The Tacofino truck was definitely what my lunch time needed, I returned to work pretty satisfied in the tummy department and looking forward to try some more Tacofino treats. Catch the blue & orange truck on your next lunch break – often stopped at Store Street & the Save on Food’s arena!

Love xo

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